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Bulldog Professional Inspection Services LLC

"I've purchased homes in the past and had experienced the inspection process.
AddressOverland Park, KS
Phone(913) 232-2524
"He has a professional approach to his job and the customer, is on time and completes on time, explains the process and answers all questions. His report is timely, very easy to read, print, and forward to other interested parties and complete with helpful comments and pictures. "Thank you for the thorough and informative analysis of our new home. My family and I greatly appreciate your expertise"
- C. Reynolds, Raymore, Mo.

"We received the report quickly and it was easy to understand. Steve was very upfront and honest and was also personable and helpful through the process. He doesn't say that he cares.....more importantly his actions says that he cares. Steve also treated me with respect by taking the time to educate me on what he was looking for and what it all means." - B. Owens,
Overland Park, Ks.

"Well definitely be referring Bulldog Professional Inspection Services to everyone!!! You took the time to do the job, and then you made sure we understood the issues that needed to be addressed before we purchased the house. We had never been through the home inspection process before, but you made sure we understood what you were doing and why you were doing it."

"Wow! There's a lot more to a home inspection than I thought. You looked at things I never even thought ofthank you!"

"Fantastic job! You'll definitely be the inspector I tell my friends about!"

"Steve, I wanted to say thank you for a quality inspection job. You were very thorough and both written and verbal information was extremely helpful. Your professional demeanor and expertise were great! I would definitely recommend you to anyone that needs an inspection in the future. Thanks again"

"I was very happy with our inspection and so was my fiancee! Finding out about the water leaking/pouring out from the bathroom into the crawl space really surprised me."

"Steve, I thought you did a good job. Realized due to the inspection that the house had structural problems and other smaller matters I wasn't told about earlier and that I couldn't tackle because of distance and finances."

"I felt that Steve was very thorough and put my mind at ease that he would identify everything I needed to know."

"Your inspection was so thorough that we did not have to be present. We felt that you covered every sq. ft. of the property with your inspection. Each of your 37 photos were excellent. The organization of your report was great, and your comments were easy to understand. Overall, we are extremely pleased with your work, and will recommend you to all of our friends"

"We were very happy with our inspection. Steve was extremely thorough and provided us with an excellent report"

"Knowledge of course is one area that is a must know in this profession. I feel that you were very knowledgeable of the information you needed to know in order to complete the inspection."

"I think you did a great job at answering all of my questions - and I did have a lot of them! I really appreciated the honesty and forthrightness."

"Thanks so much for your thorough review of the property. The report is very professional and easy to read."

"I liked the layout of the report, ease of reading it and the ability to meet us in our schedule. Steve helped create a memorable experience by showing us all the tags marked downstairs for water, etc shutoffs."

"Ill be referring Steve to my friends and family because he was very thorough and even hung tags on valves in the utility room. "

"Steve, Ill be referring Bulldog Professional Inspection Services to everyone I know because you were very thorough and knowledgeable. Our Real Estate Agent said she would put you at the top of her list. And oh how wonderful the memories of our inspection...We highly recommend Bulldog Professional Inspection Services. You will definitely get a thorough inspection and learn a lot about your home in the process. "

"Steve was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I feel my safety was well cared for and Steve gave me good information to take to the repairmen to correct the problems found. I appreciated the confident referral from my agent, and the quality of the inspection lived up to all my hopes and expectations. The whole process gave me much more confidence in my decision throughout the purchase process for my home!"

"Everything was quick and easy; very quick turnaround, and especially nice to have the inspection report available online."

"Steve was very thorough...Ill be referring him to all of my friends and family"

"While there were issues with the home, I now at least feel I have a solid foundation to go forward with on what needs to be tackled in the months ahead on the home. Steve was thoroughly professional and answered all of my questions on the spot thoroughly and to my complete satisfaction, as well as provided an excellent report."

"I will most definitely recommend Steve to anyone I know who is buying a home. The report was issued very promptly and the detail of communication and the detail of the report provided really created a memorable experience."

"We'll definitely be referring Bulldog Professional Inspection Services to everyone!!! You took the time to do the job, and then you made sure we understood the issues that needed to be addressed before we purchased the house. We had never been through the home inspection process before, but you made sure we understood what you were doing and why you were doing it."

"Steve went the extra mile. He was not feeling well, but did the inspection anyway so my closing could happen quickly AND it was his wifes birthday and he came out anyway... He was great to work with and gave me a flawless experience with a real professional inspector."

"Steve was very professional and friendly. He was helpful with any questions I had and he tagged the main water shut off for me to easily find."

"Steve, we wanted to thank you for such a professional, well done inspection. It's obvious that you always strive to do your best. The pictures really help alot. The report is very thorough."

I will refer Bulldog Professional Inspection Services because Steve was very professional, detailed, and extremely helpful...not to mention very pleasant to be around. Steve pointed out a section of siding that was seriously damaged, more than I originally thought and this proved to be a vital point in the house negotiations."

"I would recommend you in a heart beat. The fact that you told me that you would come back at no cost to me to re-inspect those things we asked the seller to fix and repair helped make this a memorable experience."

"We thought you were very thorough and took your time doing the inspection...we felt very comfortable about buying the house. My husband also liked you and trusted you and thought you were honest...that says a lot for my husband"

"Excellent turn around time!! The completeness, pictures, and promptness of the service along with the time to answer questions helped us feel comfortable with the house and its needs. The pictures and the direct contact with Steve made for a very memorable inspection experience"

"Steve produced a very easy to read and well laid out report. The inspection process was very complete and Steve was very patient in explaining what he was looking at and looking for. The report was also well organized and allowed us to prioritize what we wanted to ask for from the seller."

"Steve was very prompt, professional, very thorough and explained every detail at the end very well from concerns to items that were in very good shape. It made the buying decision much more comfortable."

"Steve did a great job. Ill definitely be referring him to my friends and family "

"Steve was very helpful, Informational, and was willing to explain things."

"I will recommend you to my family and friends. You were helpful and friendly. You did a detailed job and were reasonably priced. Steve was friendly and took the time to show me everything that I needed/wanted to know."

"Steve was very great and professional. We had a problem on the original day of the inspection (no water or gas) so he told me that he would fit me in the next day since I live 3 hours away if we could get them turned on. We were able to get them turned on and he fit my inspection in. Thank you again Steve and I will recommend you to anyone that asks me about a home inspection"

"The confidence you brought with you really made my home buying experience memorable and comfortable."
- B. Supinski,

"Hi Steve. You explained everything clearly and you were completely honest. I also appreciate that even to this day, I still have the option to call you with any questions I might have.

Steve showed up the first time to do the inspection and we were in the middle of a crisis (flooded kitchen!!) He put off the inspection until we got the situation solved and made sure that as soon as we were ready, he was available!

Even though he wasn't doing the inspection the first time, he still took a look at the water damage and took pictures.

He did not have to do any of that and I was incredibly grateful that he did! "
- R. Osborn, Harrisonville, Mo.

"I appreciate everything you have done for us and the promptness of your service. The card you sent us with a picture of the house was a great touch!! I will definitely refer you to my friends and family. Thank you again!"

"Steve was very thorough in answering all of our questions. Also made things easy to understand for someone who doesn't know much about home repairs, etc. It's nice to have everything in one place. We'll definitely reference it in the future for maintaining our home. Steve was very personable and knowledgeable and it was such a relief to hear that the old house was in such great condition!"

"We will most definitely refer you to our friends and family you were very thorough.

Steve was also very friendly and explained things well he didn't mind us being there while he did the inspection."

"I was very pleased in the manner the report was presented. The report was delivered within the timeframe established between the realtors.
Steve was very professional and knowledgeable. Steve was very clear in his explanations and I am proceeding with the purchase of this home based on this inspection report.
I would refer Bulldog Professional Inspection Services because Steve spoke in lay terms, making is easy for me to make my decision with confidence.
Sitting down together after the inspection and going over key points made the experience memorable and was very helpful! "

"Thanks, Steve! This looks great! I appreciate your thorough work! If anyone asks, I'll highly recommend you! "

"Steve was very knowledgeable about building codes and ideas for bringing things up to code. What sticks out in my mind is the professionalism and wealth of information Steve has.
As any good inspector, he provided much more information than I needed to make the purchase, and the right amount to allow me to feel comfortable with creating a scope of work and a budget. I will refer you to any friends in that area, as well as use you again for future purchases."
- G. Meole,

"I really liked the fact that the pictures were in the report. This home is actually my 4th purchase and I've never received an online report that included pictures.

This made it very easy to ensure the corrections were made."

“Steve was very thorough and very professional. It was comforting to know that we had a professional working with us who was very comprehensive in his inspection.”
- Amy and Billy Vinton,

“I will absolutely refer Bulldog to my friends and family! Steve has a great service and is very customer service oriented. I liked his enthusiasm and he made me feel great about purchasing a home after he gave his opinion on the total inspection.”
– Dana Enemark, Shawnee, Ks.

“Steve just wanted to say thanks for the inspection on our new home. Nice to know that there are honest people still left out there. Thanks again for the great job. We will recommend you to everyone we know that needs an inspection in the future.”
– Ron and Rhonda Prince,

"My Friends Thinks So, But You Be The Judge Because I Personally Guarantee That You'll Receive The Very Best Home Inspection Experience You Could Ever Hope For Or You Don't Pay Me One

"In Fact, If You Aren't Absolutely Thrilled With Our Service, Then I'll Actually Pay You Twice Your Inspection Fee For Your Trust And Trouble."

So In Other Words, In The Time It Takes To Perform One Of Our Superb 1600+ Item Kansas City Home Inspections You'll Gain The Knowledge To Confidently Make One Of The Biggest Purchases Of Your Life (Or Walk Away From The Home) - Guaranteed

Are you looking to find a home inspection firm that is cheap (not to say we're the most expensive, because we're not) and quick?

However, if you answered 'No' to either of them, then you're definitely in the right place.

So let me welcome you to your secret oasis for Kansas City home inspections by introducing you to the services of Bulldog Professional Inspection Services.

Since you've found us, I hope you're looking to purchase one of Kansas City's fine homes or you're trying to find information about a professional Kansas City home inspection firm.

Either way, you're at the home of great Kansas City home inspections.

So let me get back to my manners and formally introduce myself...

My name is Steve Rodriguez and I'm passionate about your next home.
You see, my firm is on the leading edge of a home inspection revolution.

You see, I work with buyers just like you every single day and work very hard to provide the Very BEST home inspection service available ANYWHERE. Period.

Unedited Client Testimonial:
"I will refer Bulldog Professional Inspection to my friend and family because it was handled very professional and Steve was very helpful. Our inspector told us exactly what was wrong with that house and took care of us like his own family. "
- D. Kalinowski, Raytown, Mo.

And it always disappoints us to hear horror stories where a valuable client like yourself has a home inspection experience where another inspector:

Was in the home for 30 minutes or less ("hey, don't I get a hot & fresh pizza with that inspection?")

Didn't explain things to you in a way you could understand

In My Opinion, , A Home Inspection Is Only About One Person: You
And that makes you the most important person we work with.

"Steve, Thank you again for your thorough inspection and willingness to let us tag along and have you explain things along the way.
It was incredibly helpful for us to have you take the time to explain the inspection process and the details you were looking for and were able to identify.
We'd love to give you a great recommendation for other home-buyers.
Thanks again and take care."

to simply receive the results of your home inspection and then be left to figure it out yourself.

"I’ll be referring you to everyone! You made this easy and explained everything since it was our first time!!"

As a buyer, you're paying for a team to help you through the process of buying your home (your agent, lender, inspector, appraiser) so you should expect to keep the players together on your team until the game is over.

In other words, you deserve a Kansas City home inspection firm who's professional enough to:

Clearly and openly communicate with you during the inspection

Make sure all of your concerns and questions are addressed and answered by the end of your inspection

Sincerely invite you to walk with the inspector and get educated on one of the largest & most important investments youll ever make

Clearly and thoroughly explain the inspection findings at the end of the inspection

Follow-up with you 3 days after the inspection to ensure you still have no questions or concerns

Provide FREE phone consultations for as long as you own your home

So as a client of Bulldog Professional Inspection Services, you'll experience a higher level of service and quality than any other service company you'll ever come across:

"I've purchased homes in the past and had experienced the inspection process. But, I want it to be known that I was extremely impressed by the skills, knowledge and the professionalism that Mr. Steve Rodriguez has shown throughout the entire inspection and his written summary. I would certainly use his service in the future as well as to recommending him to anyone that would require a professional home inspection."
- R. Jones, Raymore, Mo. that we can be your homeowner resource for life - just as we are for the thousands of satisfied and loyal client's we have (some which have become friends).
What Else Should You Know About Us As A Professional Kansas City Home Inspection Firm?

Nearly all home inspection companies look at a representative portion of items in and around the home a little more than 400 in all.
This is called a "representative inspection" because only a "representative" number of items get inspected.

If there are four windows in a room; the inspector will only test and inspect two of them and say they're all good. Or in a room with four outlets, they'll only test two of them.
You get the point and obviously this can lead to trouble for you.
This is normal practice throughout the home inspection industry, but it's not smart.
What's this mean to you? Not all home inspections are created equal.

We Do Not Perform Representative Inspections
If its accessible well inspect it, test it, and report on it. No exceptions.
This is called a 100% inspection and covers 1624 items, including the inspection of all visible and accessible items around the home:

“Steve’s thoroughness was amazing…the most professional inspection process I have ever been through!"

So what is the most important thing you'll receive as a Bulldog client?
You'll have the most valuable commodity in all of real estate:

"Steve was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I feel my safety was well cared for and Steve gave me good information to take to the repairmen to correct the problems found.

I appreciated the confident referral from my agent, and the quality of the inspection lived up to all my hopes and expectations.

The whole process gave me much more confidence in my decision throughout the purchase process for my home! "

And What about our prices?
I won't lie and say that we're the cheapest, because we're not (I told you that my services weren't for everyone), but we're also not the most expensive.

"Bulldog is affordable, thorough, and Steve answered all our questions"

And if you are shopping for a home inspection firm based solely on their price, you need to beware because you'll get exactly what you pay for.
Which could lead to big trouble later.
Look at it like this...the investment that a professional home inspection calls for is trivial next to the safety, security, and peace-of-mind your home will provide for you and your family.
Let me tell you a "home grown" story to help you understand how important this point is. It's the true story of a Kansas City home buyer who tried to buy a home a few years ago...

inspector who was sued for $60,000 by his
client and was disappeared out-of-sight, never to be heard from again? I Did..."
Because I was the expert witness.
Here's the story...
A single lady was purchasing a home in North Kansas City in 2005.
This home happened to have mold growing beneath the carpets, but no one knew it.
As a part of the buying process, she hired another home inspector who ended up telling her that the house was in great shape.
Well, before she moved in, she bought new carpet, window coverings, and furniture for the new home and had them taken over and installed before she moved in.
And as the carpet company was beginning to replace the old flooring on the first floor with new carpet, they discovered mold beneath the original flooring that was ultimately found to be spread throughout the home.
As a result, this buyer was NEVER able to move in, losing the home and everything inside it (including all the new carpet, window coverings, and furniture).
And the kicker? She was going through a divorce and had been living in a hotel for two months prior to this purchase while she searched for her next home (after this mess, she was forced to go back and live there for another year while she waited for this lawsuit to play out).
Anyway, the buyer then hired me to do a thorough inspection of the property to let her and her attorney know of the extent of the damages.
And so she ended up suing her original inspector for $60,000.
A side note: I didn't like doing this to another home inspector, but it's more important to make sure that Kansas City buyers like you know exactly what you're buying and are protected against home inspectors that are out to take your money.
It's nothing personal.

So what's the moral of this story? Beware the cheap inspector.

"You are very thorough. Lots of information and advice for the price"

So there you go, .
You've got all of the information you need to get yourself a good, professional home inspection.
And who do we think you should call to schedule Your Premier Kansas city Home Inspection?
Well, if you were to ask our past clients, that's an easy one...Bulldog Professional Inspection Services.

And don't forget, we promise that we'll deliver such great service, we're even providing you with our iron-clad, No-Weasel satisfaction guarantee:

Find the Schedule link at the top of the page to schedule your home inspection now (you'll usually get a confirmation email within a few minutes confirming the appointment because it's actually sent by me, not by some computer).

If you're not comfortable scheduling your appointment online, give us a call at 816-564-3081 and schedule your inspection with me over the phone. I'll take care of you like family with ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE to schedule your inspection with us.

All the best in the search for your perfect home & I'd be honored to work with you,

For A Limited Time - Every home inspection ordered from this site gets 3 exclusive bonuses:

11-page e-book "What To Expect Guide To A Healthy Home" from Sharon Mazel, author of the wildly successful "What To Expect" series of books

18-page e-report revealing little known home maintenance secrets

Our own exclusive cost estimates guide - 500+ price estimates on everything in your home from tile floors to tile roofs

Don't forget, we unconditionally guarantee your happiness and thrillness (is that even a word?) with our 1624-item home inspections that cover every accessible item from basement to roof (every floor, every wall, every ceiling, every outlet, every window, every door -- basically everything in and around the home)


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