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Weber Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning
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Weber Refrigeration Heating and Air conditioning The guys in The Orange Trucks Offer Prompt Quality Service and Sales on all brands of HVAC&
Address702 S Kansas Ave Liberal, KS 67901-4126
Phone(620) 626-8020
Weber Refrigeration & Heating is your one stop source for Heating,
Cooling, Refrigeration, Ice Machines, and more.

Insulate between your rim joists in your basement or crawl space. We find many homes with no insulation here at all. An average home
could save $366.00 per year.

Install a programmable thermostat to change your settings when the home or building is empty or you are sleeping. Look in frequently asked questions to learn more.

Turn the temperature down on your water heater from 140 to 120.
Most homes can save $36.00 per year.

Consider a more cost effective way to heat water. Many homes spend between $400 and $500 per year heating water when a
Geothermal with free Hot Water optionl could cut that in half and save you $250.00. Also read about TANKLESS WATER HEATERS.

Clean the condenser coil on your air conditioner, or have a competent service agency perform a PLANNED SERVICE on it. This could
save you money and lengthen the life of your system.

Insulate the top 4' of your basement walls. This could save you $514.00 per year.

Replace your old Propane furnace with a DUAL FUEL SYSTEM. An average home could save $2798.00 per year.

Install a Humidifier allowing you to set your thermostat lower and achieve the same comfort level with better health.

Stop those air leaks. On a cold windy day, feel all along the inside walls on the upwind
side for cold spots. $3.99 spent on expanding foam could save you $39.00 the first year.

Switch your home to all electric. In most locations an AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP or a GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMP will operate much
cheaper than a Natural Gas furnace, and you will save the $22.75 monthly customer charge that you pay whether you use anything or not. Most electric utilities offer reduced rates for customers who remove their gas meters. Call them or us for details as all are different.

Increase your attic insulation from R19 to R50. This could save an average home $107.00 per year.

Replace your old 8 SEER air conditioner and 65 AFUE Furnace with a GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMP with HOT WATER FOR FREE option
and save $2430.00 per year.

Find out how to get Federal Tax Credits of up to $2000.00 for residences and even more for businesses, just for installing equipment that
will pay for itself in energy savings anyway.

Change your filters regularly. This could save you over $1000.00 per year in utilities if you do and even more than that in unnecessary
repairs if you don't. A complete Planned Service could save you even more.

Replace your old air conditioner with a 2 speed SCROLL and you could
save $278.00 per year.

Keep lights, TVs and unneeded appliances turned off when you are not using them, especially in the summer time. In the summer they
cost you double, as you have to pay to run them, and then pay to run your air conditioner longer to remove the heat they create.

Print our Coupon to save up to $50.00. This is our way of saying thank you for coming here and reading what we have to say. We
believe that anyone who seriously takes the time to consider what we have to offer will want to use our services, and buy our products.

Replace your old furnace with a CONDENSING FURNACE and you could save $970.00 per year.

Replace your old incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Replacing 10 could save you $165.00 per year.

Replace your old PSC fan motor in your furnace with a DC FAN MOTOR and save up to $700.00 per year.

Plant vines, trees, or tall shrubs to shade the west side of your home or building. Often times the heat absorbed into the west wall will
keep your air conditioner running all night on a hot day. This is even more important if the west wall is brick.

Make sure the damper on your fireplace is closed when you are not using it. This could easily send $120.00 worth of heat up your

Get rid of those free standing electric heaters. Although many of the new ones claim to use "NEW SPACE AGE TECHNOLOGY" or other
catchy phrases, the fact is that all non HEAT PUMP electric heating devices will give you exactly 3413 BTUs of heat per KWH of electricity
you buy. Most homes can get their heat much cheaper than that even from their old furnace.

Replace your old leaky windows. An average home with 270 square feet of single pane windows and no storms could save about

Please keep in mind that all homes and buildings are different. Utility costs vary from place to place, and time to time. We would be

Q. Should I replace my old system before it goes bad?
A. Maybe yes, maybe no. More often than not, any system over 10 years old is wasting enough energy that our customers find they
can get an excellent RETURN ON INVESTMENT by replacing them even before they quit.

Q. Should I cover my air conditioner in the winter?
A. Covering your unit will protect the paint job, and could protect some of the moving parts from snow or rain. The biggest danger is
in forgetting to take the cover off in the spring. This could ruin the compressor in a few hours or less. We recommend not covering
it at all or removing the disconnect pull out and placing it somewhere it cannot get lost before covering it.

Q. What is the best system for heating or cooling my home or business?
A. Every home or building needs to be evaluated individually based on your utilities, insulation, windows, unusual needs, ductwork,
building design, and individual objectives and preferences. Please see what we will do for you for free.

Q. How can I get Government Tax Credits up to $2000.00?
A. Please read here to find out .

Q. Can I get a Rebate from my Utility company just for putting in a new system that will save me a lot of money anyway?
A. Sometimes yes, sometimes over $1000. Read more.

Q. Should I put a Tank less (Tankless) Water Heater in?
A. We are not particularly fond of this technology. Please read more here.
Q. How often should I change my filter?
A. Anywhere from monthly to annually. In general 1" thick filters need changed more often because even though they allow most
pollens and allergens to pass through untouched, they don't have much storage capacity and will plug quickly and can damage your
equipment. Please read more about filters here.

Q. Can my heater and air conditioner cause MOLD?
A. Yes, there are many things that can go wrong with your HVAC system that can provide an environment that will allow mold to
thrive. Please look at our INDOOR AIR QUALITY section.

Q. Should I run my fan all the time?
A. If you have good MERV FILTRATION and a DC FAN then the answer is absolutely. This promotes good INDOOR AIR QUALITY and
helps to eliminate STRATIFICATION. If you do not have a good filter, you may just be blowing pollen and allergens around. If you do
not have a DC FAN you may rack up a lot higher electric bill.

Q. Why does my fan run all the time?
A. If your fan is running and you don't want it to, check your thermostat. The switch that says Fan on or automatic should be set to
automatic. If your fan continues to stay on you may need a service call.

A. Yes we do have a few here.
Q. What is the best Brand of heating and air conditioning?
A. We sell many brands, and they all have their strong and weak points. Please take time to read some of our findings.

Q. Should I turn my thermostat down when I'm gone during the day?
A. Yes, if you wish to save money and don't mind the discomfort when you return. With the exception of an AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP
you will save more while the system set lower than you will spend heating the space back up.

Q. Should I turn my thermostat down at night when I'm sleeping?
A. Yes, if you wish to save money and don't mind the discomfort. With the exception of an AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP you will save more
while the system is set lower than you will spend to heat the space back up.

Q. How often should I have my system serviced?
A. For most systems we recommend Planned Service 2 times per year. Please read why our GEOTHERMAL systems can go longer.

Q. What is Planned Service?
A. Preventative maintenance and tune up. Read more here.

Q. Can I really get a discount on my electric rate just for being Green?
A. Sometimes yes even 30%, some times no. Read more.

Q. Is Propane safe to use to heat my home?
A. While all systems use electricity or gas, some have more inherent dangers than others. Propane is heavier than air. If you
develop a leak, the vapors will fall to the floor and collect or pool. When they come in contact with any spark or heat source they may
explode, destroying the structure and killing anyone inside. In our opinion there are no systems safer than GEOTHERMAL
Q. What about Freon destroying the OZONE layer?

Q. What should my indoor humidity be?
A. Generally your air conditioner should remove humidity down to about 50% in the Summer. Your HUMIDIFIER should raise your RELATIVE HUMIDITY to about 30% in the winter.

Q. Do the Guys in the Orange Trucks do Plumbing?
A. No, generally not. We do repair and replace water heaters, but we do not repair faucets, clean sewers, or install septic tanks.

Q. Should I put a screen over my PVC flue pipe?
A. We do not recommend this, as the screens will easily plug with frost under certain conditions.

Q. What is the best kind of air filter?A. Please read about our MERV FILTERS.
Q. Do you have financing?

Q. What does "for PQS call TGITOT mean?
A. For Prompt Quality Service call The Guys In The Orange Trucks.

Q. Should I be afraid of CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning?
A. If you have any Propane or Natural Gas burning appliance in your home or business, or have an attached garage, the answer is YES, and you should immediately install a Carbon Monoxide Detector (much like a smoke detector). Carbon Monoxide is tasteless
odorless, and invisible. It often times disables or kills it's victims before they know there is a problem. We feel heating with a HEAT PUMP or GEOTHERMAL is much safer.

Q. Why does water come out of my furnace?
A. The most efficient CONDENSING FURNACES take so much of the heat out of the flue gas, that they cool it down to below 212
degrees. Since water is a byproduct of combustion the water condenses.

Q. Why does water come out of my Air Conditioner?
A. If an air conditioner cooled the air without removing water the Relative Humidity would raise to a very uncomfortable level.

Q. Why does my Air Conditioner or my Heat Pump get ice all over it in the winter?
A. This is perfectly normal for a Heat Pump. It should go into a defrost cycle before the ice blocks off all air.

Q. Why does my Heat Pump need a Defrost Cycle?.
A. The coil on an Air to Air Heat Pump gets colder than outdoor temp in order to pull heat from the outside air. This causes
condensation and or frost to form on the coil. If the ice is not melted it will stop the function of the unit. Geothermal Heat Pumps do
not have to deal with this issue.

Q. Why does it get so dry in my home in the winter?
A. As your furnace heats the air the RELATIVE HUMIDITY drops.

Q. Why is it always hot on the top floor and cold in the basement?
A. Unless STRATIFICATION is properly addressed, you will have poor comfort.

Q. Why do I have Hot and Cold spots in my home or building?
A. This could be a simple ductwork problem. However, different areas need different amounts of heating or cooling at different
times of the day, and year. The problems could be Stratification, Core Load Area, Solar Gain, Internal Heat Gain, or other poor Engineering problems. The solution may be, Zoning, Continuous Fan, Economizer, or something else.

.Acronyms & Definitions
ATAHP Air To Air Heat PumpAFUE Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, & Air conditioning EngineersBTU British Thermal Unit
CCF 100 Cubic Feet (a quantity of Natural Gas)
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute, a rating for air moved through ductwork or systems.COP Coefficient Of Performance
CO1 Carbon Monoxide. (A deadly byproduct of burning gas or other fuels)
CO2 Carbon Dioxide (A relatively harmless byproduct of respiration)
Compressor The main part of an air conditioner that pumps freon.Condensing Furnace. A very efficient gas furnace.Core Load Area An area of a building that has no outside walls needs special treatment.
Damper A device in the ductwork that opens or closes off airflow. See Zoning.DC FAN A fan motor that runs on DC current instead of AC to save money.Dual Fuel A combination heating system that uses 2 different sources.
Ductwork Large pipes (usually sheetmetal) to deliver air to and from the HVAC unitEconomizer A system which uses outdoor air to cool for free.EER Energy Efficiency RatioFlue A pipe used to take burned gases out of your home or building.Geothermal Heat Pump Moves heat to and from the ground to or from a building.
Heat Exchanger Heat Pump A device that Moves heat from one place to another.HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator (a system to save heat from exhausted air)HSPF Heating Seasonal Performance FactorHumidifier A device for adding humidity to the air in the winter.
HVAC Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HVAC&R HVAC & RefrigerationIAQ Indoor Air Quality in terms of Mold, CO2, pollen, spores, allergens, etc.Internal Heat Gain Heat that is released within a structure or area.
KWH KilloWatt Hour 1000 watts for 1 hour (what you buy for about 10 cents) MERV Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value ( a system for rating filters)Multi tap A type of motor that is very inefficient. See DC FAN.Ozone A molecule of 3 oxygen atoms helpful in our stratosphere.Planned Service Preventative maintenance, tune up, and Safety inspection.Relative Humidity A very misunderstood measurement of water in air.Rim Joist The end board that caps the ends of your floor joists, often uninsulated
Return Air Air that comes from the home or building to the HVAC unit. Scroll A different technology used in compressors.Shaded Pole A type of motor that is very inefficient. SEER Seasonal Energy Efficiency RatioStratification The natural tendency of convection causing much discomfort
Supply Air Air that leaves the HVAC unit and goes into the home or building.Tankless Water Heater A water heater that does not store water.Ton 12,000 BTUs (a nominal sizing method for air conditioners)
Watt A very small volume of electricityZoning Several thermostats operating one system for better comfort.

A humidifier is a device that adds humidity to a space. Often people ask, "Why do I need a Humidifier?" Our bodies, and most of our
furnishings and equipment would like to have a consistent RELATIVE HUMIDITY of about 50%. In the winter if we do not in some way add
water to the air in our homes and businesses the indoor RELATIVE HUMIDITY will fall below 20% much of the time. This causes many of
the mucus membranes in our bodies to crack, allowing bacteria and viruses an easy place to enter our blood stream. It also causes
many of our furnishings to dry out and crack.

. Many people attempt to solve this problem by boiling water on the stove, or by placing portable humidifiers or steamers around their
home. While this can be effective, most of the time they actually hurt themselves more than they help. This is because they are not
consistent and they cause the humidity to make wild swings several times per day. Wide swings are very hard on our furniture and reek
havoc with musical instruments.

. Most average homes need to have between 10 and 20 gallons of water per day added to the air during the coldest part of winter. A WHOLE HOUSE HUMIDIFIER integrated into your HVAC system and ductwork can easily do this, without you having to carry water or, watch
a pan on the stove. More importantly it will be controlled by a HUMIDISTAT (like a thermostat but it measures humidity) that you set where
you wish, and don't worry about it.
. Please call us today at 1-800-886-2188. We will come to your location, evaluate your situation, and present you with several
options. We will not charge you anything for this service, and you will not be obligated to us in any way.

We service all brands of HVAC or Heating, Air conditioning, Cooling systems, controls, boilers, kitchen equipment Some of the parts
we stock are Copeland, Danfoss, Tecumseh, Carlyle, Sporlan, Alco, Hussman, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Aprilaire, Bell & Gossett,
Grunfos,Tyler, Larkin, Bohn, Kysor, Warren, Hill, Phoenix, True, Norlake, Bally, McQuay, Kolpak, Krack, Liebert, Delfield, Victory,
Stoelting, Zero Zone, Zerozone, Danfos, Honeywell, Everpure, Novar, Fasco, Ranco, Johnson, Packless, Emerson, Mars, White
Rogers, Weber Refrigeration and Heating and Air Conditioning, The Guys in The Orange Trucks Offer Prompt Quality Service and
Sales on all types of Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Geothermal, Kitchens, thermostats, parts, ductwork, Ice Machines, Here are some of
the Brands of Heating systems we sell Addison, ADP, Aireflo, Amana, American Standard, AO Smith, Bard, Bryant, Carrier, CMI,
Champion, Climate Control, Climate Master, Coleman, Comfortaire, Cozy, Dayton, Detroit, Duotherm, Econovac, Empire, Eubank, First
Co, Fedders, Friedrich, Frigidaire, Fujitsu, Goodman, GE, Grainger, Hatco, Hartzell, Heatcraft, Krack, Lennox, Liebert, Marvair,
McLean, McQuay, Mitsubishi, Modine, Mohwak, Parco, Payne, ReVerberRay, Reznor, Rheem, Robert Gordon, Russell, S&A,
Solaronics, Sterling, Tempstar, Trane, Turbo Air, Vantage, Water Furnace, Weather King, Weathercraft, Westinghouse, Whirlpool,
Williams, York, & Water Furnace. Here are some of the towns we service in KANSAS. Ashland 67831, Bazine 67516, Beeler 67518,
Big Bow 67855, Bloom 67833, Bucklin 67834, Burdett 67523, Brownell 67521, Cimarron 67835, Colby 67701, Coldwater 67029,
Coolidge 67836, Copeland 67837, Deerfield 67838, Dighton 67839, Dodge 67846, Elkhart 67950, Englewood 67840, Ensign, 67841,
Ford 67842, Fowler 67844, Garden 67801, Goodland 67735, Great Bend 67530, Greensburg 67054, Grinnell 67738, Hanston 67849,
Haviland 67059, Hays 67601, Healy 67850, Hickock 67880, Holcomb 67851, Hoxie 67740, Hugoton 67951, Hutchinson 67504, Ingalls
67853, Jetmore 67854, Johnson 67855, Kalvesta 67856, Kendall 67857, Kinsley 67547, Kismet 67859, LaCross 67548, Lakin 67860,
Leoti 67861, Lewis 67552, Liveral 67901, Manter 67862, Marienthal 67863, McCracken 67556, McPhearson 67460, Meade 67864,
Minneola 67865, Montezuma 67867, Moscow 67952, Mullinville 67109, Ness City, 67560, Oakley 67748, Offerle 67547, Phillipsburg
67661, Pierceville 67868, Plains 67869, Pratt 67124, Protection 67127, Quinter 67752, Richfield 67953, Rolla 67954, Rozel 67574,
Salina 67401, Satanta 67870, Scott City 67871, Sharon Springs 67758, Spearville 67876, Stockton 67669, Sublette 67877, Syracuse
67878, Tribune 67879, Ulysses 67880, Wakeeney 67672, Wright 67882, In OKLAHOMA, Adams 73901, Baker 73951, Balko 73931,
Beaver 73932, Boise City 73933, Bryans Corner 73931, Forgan 73938, Goodwell 73939, Guymon 73942, Hardesty 73944, Hooker
73945, Keyes 73947, Knowles 73847, Laverne 73848, Optima 73945, Turpin 73950, Tyrone 73951, Woodward 73801. In Texas,
Booker 79005, Borger 79007, Canadian 79094 Dalhart 79022, Darrouzett 79024, Dumas 79029, Follett 79034, Gruver 79040, Pampa
79066, Perryton 79070, Spearman 79081,Stratford 79084, In Colorado, Cheyenne Wells 80810, Eads 81036, Englewood 80112,
Granada 81041, Holly 81047, Lamar 81052, Las Animas 81054, Sheridan Lake 81071, Springfield 81073, Towner 81071, Walsh
81090. From ServCooling Old Central Air Conditioners Spot Coolers Through The Wall Heaters New Central Air Conditioners
Centrifugal Chillers Ductless Split Systems Package Air Conditioners Rooftop Units Water Cooled Air Conditioners Water
Source Heat Pumps Geothermal Air Source Heat Pumps Package Chillers Split Systems Cooling Towers
Split Chillers Glycol Chillers Manufacturing Product Chillers Walk In Freezers Ice Makers Ice
Cream Machines Walk In Coolers Reach In Coolers Reach In Freezers Beer Coolers Cool With Dirt Pond Source Air Conditioners Ground Source ACs CO2 Coolers Liquid Nitrogen Supermarket Rack Systems
From ServHeating Old Natural Gas Furnaces Heat Pumps Gas Fireplaces Old Propane Furnaces
Geothermal Pellet Stoves 80% Medium Efficiency Furnaces Fuel Oil Furnaces Corn Furnaces 90% Condensing
Furnaces Waste Oil Heaters Coal Furnaces Boiler/Radiator Systems Under Floor Heat Coal Converted
Furnaces Hot Water Circulating Systems Electric Furnaces Electric Radiant High Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters Passive Solar Low Intensity Infrared Ground Source Active Solar Water Source Heat Pumps
Multizone High Pressure Boilers Low Pressure Boilers Console Heaters Wall Furnaces Floor Furnaces Make Up Air Heaters Heat Recovery Systems Water Heaters Glycol Heaters Heat With Dirt From
ServRefrigeration Walk In Freezers Rack Systems Ice Cream Machines Ice Machines Walk In
Coolers Reach In Coolers Shake Machines French Fryers Meat Cases De Humidification Systems Heat Recovery Units Water Heaters Dish Washers Make Up Air Systems Produce Coolers Convection Ovens Coffin Cases Rooftop HVAC Units Trash Compactors Refrigerators Geothermal From ServBoilers
High Pressure Steam Low Pressure Steam Space Heating Boilers Manufacturing Process Feed Lot Boilers School Boilers Hospital Boilers Coal converted boilers Condensing Boilers Fire Tube Boilers Water Tube Boilers Under Floor Heat Boilers Water Heaters Cast Iron Sectional Boilers Swimming Pool
Heaters From ServKitchens Walk In Freezers Exhaust Fans Ice Cream Machines Ice Machines Walk In Coolers Reach In Coolers Shake Machines French Fryers Potato Steamers Clam Shell Grills Heat Recovery Units
Water Heaters Dish Washers Make Up Air Systems Hood Systems Convection Ovens Pizza Ovens Rooftop
HVAC Units Trash Compactors Refrigerators Geothermal Proof Boxes We service all brands of Ice Machines, Ice
Makers, Ice Dispensers, Pellet machines, Ice cubers, Ice Flakers, Shaved Ice machines, including Manitwoc Hoshizaki Ice-O-Matic
Ice O Matic IceOMatic Scotsman Whirlpool CrystalTips Cornelius U-line Rosstemp Follett Franklin ServVend. We also stock most
brands of Ice Machine Parts

. HOW DOES GEOTHERMAL WORK? . The concept is quite simple. It works very similar to how your current air conditioner now
works. Your AC moves excess heat from your home, using freon, coils, and a compressor, to the air in your backyard. A simple
AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP works just like this, with the addition of a reverse cycle. It, in other words has the ability to move heat (in the
winter) from the air in your backyard to the air inside your home. Now, I will admit that gets a bit tough to do when it is ZERO outside,
but it is common practice. A GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMP is actually a DIRT TO AIR HEAT PUMP. In the summer, when your home or
business gets too hot, we move that excess heat out to the back yard. Instead of putting it into the air where it will simply be blown
by the SW Ks winds up to Nebraska, we choose to put it into the DIRT where we can save it until winter. (You can learn a lot from a
squirrel). We do this by first transferring the heat into a closed loop antifreeze solution. We then circulate that antifreeze through a
series of pipes that run either horizontally or vertically through your backyard. In the winter we simply reverse the freon flow, and
begin pulling the same heat that we put in the ground all summer back out of the DIRT and put it back in your home.

Click the ORANGE TRUCKto ENTER OUR WEBSITEWe have many money saving ideas for you, and answers to many of your questions.

our entire website. Duplication in part or whole is strictly prohibited.

Branches and additional offices:
(620) 275-2187 711 N Main St Garden City, KS 67846-5474
(620) 225-7700 11154 Kliesen St Dodge City, KS 67801-7087
(800) 886-2186 Garden City, KS 67846-

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