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Monitoring Devices

We are one of the only providers for SCRAM brand devices in the area. Our company offers several devices to comply with alcohol and GPS monitoring in Wichita, KS both before and after trials! If you’re required to purchase a monitoring device, we are the best supplier around due to our full list of services and products.

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring — We are proud to partner with SCRAM, which uses the latest technology to find innovative ways to address crimes such as repeat DUIs. This device is an alternative to incarceration that reduces the likelihood of repeat offenses. It tests the alcohol in perspiration automatically every 30 minutes.

SCRAM GPS Monitoring — If you need GPS monitoring in Wichita, KS, we offer heavy-duty ankle bracelets so courts and supervision officers can keep track of clients. We can make sure clients comply with court orders!

SCRAM Remote Breath Monitoring — This unique product allows clients to take alcohol breath tests remotely. It also has facial recognition software, which eliminates the risk of clients simply having someone else take a test for them. The device alerts the client when it is time for a breath test and also records their location.

SCRAM House Arrest Monitoring — It can be difficult to enforce Wichita, KS house arrest monitoring, but Axis Monitoring makes it easy with SCRAM’s superior location monitoring products and our superior services!

No land line? No problem! SCRAM monitoring devices can connect through a land line, internet connection, or it comes with a built-in communication unit using cell service.

Drug Testing

If you’ve been convicted of a drug-related crime, a court may require you to take regular drug tests after your conviction. We provide the best of the best in terms of drug test quality. Our company offers alternatives to urine tests and a quick alcohol-saliva test as well! Learn more about the drug tests we supply below.

PharmChek® Patch — When it comes to drug testing, many people think of the classic urine test. However, the reality is that there are several alternatives these days, like this patch! It tests the wearer’s perspiration for several different drugs over 7-10 days or longer.

RediTest® Alcohol-Saliva — This handy test can detect recent alcohol use in just two minutes without a urine sample. All you need is a swab of saliva and the test will do the rest!

RediTest® Panel-Dip — A urine testing tool, the panel-dip test screens urine for both illicit and prescription drug abuse. Great for supervision officers and more, it provides instant drug test results.

Other Services

We are the top choice in two states for drug testing and Wichita, KS house arrest monitoring products for pre- and post-trial use. Our company wants to help lower incarceration and recidivism rates through the products and services we offer. If a court has ordered you to purchase any of the products we provide, we can supply it for you!

However, we are far more than a supplier. In addition to all the wonderful products we provide, we are also a full-service monitoring company! Whether you need Wichita, KS house arrest monitoring for clients in your jurisdiction or drug tests to monitor compliance, we are here for you! We even provide court support and testimony for clients we monitor. Our company can monitor clients remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only that, but we can fit monitoring programs to fit each client’s and jurisdiction’s unique needs. With 13 partner locations, we are licensed to bring every county in Kansas and Arkansas our fantastic services.

Axis Monitoring wants our clients to successfully complete their monitoring with the best and most supportive company around. If you are ready to put us to the test, call 844-267-9600!

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