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Do I really need a drum teacher?

Do I really need a drum teacher?
Keep reading to see the importance of in-person drum lessons versus online, DIY lessons, and how to find a great drum teacher near you.

When you are just starting out with the drums, you may turn to YouTube or a music book to try and learn the instrument. After a few attempts of DIY lessons, you may start asking yourself if you need to start looking for drum lessons near me on Google. You are probably asking yourself, 'Do I really need a drum teacher?" The simple answer is 'Yes,' but the more complicated answer is waiting for you below. Keep reading to see the importance of in-person drum lessons versus online, DIY lessons, and how to find a great drum teacher near you.

Online Drum Lessons v In-Person Drum Lessons Near Me

The great thing about the internet is that there is so much information. The bad thing about the internet is that there is so much wrong information out there. This applies to drum lessons and resources online. There are a few great online resources for learning the drums online, but there are mostly resources with poorly written sheet music, inadequate explanations, and subpar technique. You want to avoid these at all costs, but if you are new to drums, you aren't quite sure what the difference between good and bad is. That is why you should seek out a reputable drum teacher and school to help you learn the foundations of drums correctly.

The best reason to look for drum lessons near you is that a teacher can easily pick up on an improper technique that an online course will never address. Sometimes the smallest adjustment will make the most significant difference in your playing. Getting lessons face-to-face also gives you the benefit of personal recommendations such as local bands to join, or books that are available at your local library. They will also advise you on your kit set up and help you make those minor, yet personal adjustments. You will also have the ability to ask a quick question and get timely feedback. You just can't get that type of feedback online.

So how do you find a drum teacher and what should you be looking for?

How to Find A Drum Teacher

Finding a drum teacher can be the most time-consuming part of your drum lesson journey. Here are a couple options you can use to find the best teacher in your area.

Option #1: Google

Take to Google to find drum lessons in your area. Simply type in something like drum lessons Kansas City (or whatever your city is) and see top results pop-up. This will give you a good starting point. You may want to choose a location that is closest to you when you are making your top three list.

Option #2: Tutor Directory

You will still have to go to Google for this one, but just type in "drum teacher directory + Your City" and see what tutors you find in your local area. Go through the list and make a few phone calls or send out some emails to the ones closest to you.

Evaluating Drum Teachers and Music Schools

Now that you know where to find drum lessons and teachers, how do you evaluate them?

Check to see if there are any reviews about the music school you decided on or see if your tutor has any reviews on a forum. Reviews and personal recommendations should be the top of your list for evaluating drum lessons. A place like Music House School in Kansas City has excellent reviews on their website and through independent platforms like Google. When you choose a tutor or a music school, make sure you type in “music house school reviews” or something similar to see what other people think about the place or person.

The instructors full time and professional musicians

You know you have landed on a good school or teacher when they teach drums full time or play in a band. You should be taking lessons from professional musicians and teachers that are there to advance the love or music for all. This will make a difference in the quality of instruction because their passion for teaching will shine through.

Their sheet music is great

Sheet music is the foundation of playing for yourself and playing in a group. If you ever want to play professionally, you will need to be able to read sheet music and not just play by ear. A great music teacher will be able to translate basic sheet music and read sheet music proficiently.

They have experience teaching beginners

If a music school or teacher doesn't have experience (or patience) to teach beginners, you should find a new place. You need to find drum lessons that are catered to new people and pair up with teachers that are willing to take you through the basics like music theory and technique.

Now you know why face-to-face lessons are best for beginners and you know how to find the best teachers and lessons in your area. That is not to say that you cannot supplement your in-person lessons with online lessons and tutorials, but the best way to build a solid foundation for playing the drums is to find a music school with drum lessons near you. You will get the appropriate feedback you need to take your new skills to the next level and enjoy all the benefits of music lessons.
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